'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Maya Angelou

Did you know it's been almost six months since we last spoke? I've been instagramming a lot. My name on there is Nimnam, if you want to be friends.

 This puppy has grown a lot since October.

 I've been cooking. Of course.
 This was his first day of life, welcome little egg baby.
 I've been patiently growing my fringe out too. Agony.
Eating. Of course.
 Visited these babies, and didn't want to leave them.
 Hung with my buds.
Saw a beautiful singer, in a beautiful place.

Really I'm posting to let you know that in about 6 weeks my hosting runs out. So if there's a recipe here that you like, don't forget to write it down because you might come to write it down, and find it's all disappeared. 

I think of you often. 

As the time goes by, I began to understand how important relationships are to me. To know how to win a girl's heart is essential to dating success. I will remember this often, and treasure the memories always and forever.


Franca said...

oh no, it'll be sad when you're *really* gone. i'll have to go through and print off some recipes.

Beth Michelle said...

Oh dear there goes my online cookbook..... :) But happy actual real life living! I wonder how much credit I have on my uni printing account....:)

Marisa said...

Naomi, your food blog quickly became one of my favorite things ever.

I am sorry it's going but it's good to know you'll still be around.

aDeLiNe said...

Oh no I don't want your blog to disappear. I can't let that happen. Any chance I can renew your hosting? Seriously/ unbirthday gift.

Anonymous said...

I miss you already!

Please reconsider!

Thanks for the fab recipes!

Amy said...

Lots of wonderful recipes, I'll have to go back and pick all my favorites! You have done a great job inspiring me to try new things and tastes, thank you. :)

Isabelle Gosselin said...

Dearest Naomi Rose (you have such a beautiful name!), I could easily be your mom (54 candles already). I'm not but I love you nonetheless. I've known you for only a year and I'm really saddened to see you leaving, but I understand. Just know that you have been a great joy and inspiration in my vegan journey. A few more people now know you because I've directed them to your blog. You're a big part of my success as a cook in my family, and I owe you. You made me laugh, you made me love cooking and baking, a big, heartfelt THANK YOU! I will really miss you!

Naomi Rose said...

You're all so incredibly lovely, thank you <3

Anonymous said...

I found this blog because I googled "Vegan olive oil cake" and imagine my surprise when I found such a treasure trove of awesome recipes! I suppose I'll get to printing...
Be well!

Madison Butler said...

Nice photos! I love your blog :)

Alina Davies said...

so so random, I googled vegetarian recipes and happened across this! How the devil are you??!

Alina (from BT in case you know another!!)

Winston said...

You have done a great job inspiring me to try new things and tastes.
Thanks for the fab recipes!