leftovers. choco-nut-cream-pie.

Does it count as a recipe when it's a pig-out dessert made of all the leftovers rattling around the cupboard? I had all these bags of nuts, with just a few of each one in the bottom, half a bag of chocolate chips, one half used pot of soya cream, some leftover pastry. It wasn't looking good. But then out of all that, like a chocolatey phoenix from the ashes, arose this beauty!

It's firmer than a chocolate mousse pie, and nutty to the max!

OK. So I had a few macadamias, a handful of pecans and some walnuts. But use whatever leftovers you've got! Altogether, that added up to:

1 cup of mixed nuts (chopped)
just under a cup of chocolate chips
the leftovers of my peanut butter jar-1 tbsp
1/2 cup soya cream
1/4 cup agave syrup
pinch of salt
1/2 tbsp arrowroot
leftover pastry

Ps. It's my birthday in 9 days. I got an early birthday present of the most adorable measuring cups, included them in this for you to see! I realise this is a stupid recipe, and it only makes one small pie, but what else is a girl to do?

Here's one of them! this is the full cup size. How cute? So put the chocolate in a pan, plus the agave and peanut butter.

Put over a low heat until it all melts together, then add the cream.

(1/2 cup size!)

Stir in the cream then add all the nuts and arrowroot. Keep stirring over the heat until it thickens up, enough so that if you drag the spoon through it, you see the bottom of the pan for a moment.

Roll out your pastry (you could also make a crushed cookie crust for this instead if you didn't have pastry leftovers but did have a pack of cookies), line your baking dish, and pour in the mix.

Bake it at Gas mark 3/325F/170C for about 30-35 minutes, until it's puffed up a tiny bit.

Leave it to cool, it's like molten lava inside.

Serve with leftover cream, or whatever else needs using up. Ketchup?

Any good leftovers ideas from you guys?


Serena said...

This looks like heaven. Delightful. :)

T said...

Oooh, delish! I also made leftover chocolatey mousse, but this looks ridic!

Naomi Rose said...

Thanks Serena!

T, chocolate mousse is heaven right?

aDeLiNe said...


Found your birthday present yesterday! xxx

The Bad Vegan said...

what a creative way to make dessert with the ingredients you had on hand :) i love the idea of a little pie that serves one - where did you get the little shell?

The Voracious Vegan said...

This looks FABULOUS! You know I love anything chocolate but this looks so rich and decadent than I'm a fan already. I just got soy cream for the first time ever so I am going to have to make this!

Naomi Rose said...

Adeline <3<3<3

The bad vegan, it's a great little dish with a removable bottom that I got in my local kitchen shop, so great!

Tasha, this is as decadent as it gets. Not including that I had a little left over and I used it as a hot fudge sauce on a sundae. Oops.

Rebecca said...

Yum yum yum!! Best use of leftover ingredients I've ever seen. :)

Sarah (GF vegan) said...

It's def not a stupid recipe; it looks delicious! Still haven't been brave enough to try making gluten-free pastry. One day I will...

Hope you're doing something lovely for your birthday :) x

christine grace said...

mmmmmmm. will have to make this. ahh goodness

Joanne said...

If it's smaller it means you get to eat the whole thing! Without guilt!

This looks so chocolaty delicious. I have so many tiny amounts of nuts chilling in my cupboards. Totally going to make this!

Claryn said...

That first photo is killing me. I used to love a pie just like this when I was a kid. So good!

Vaala said...

How big is the pie dish you're using here? Did I miss this bit?

Victoria said...

Clearly I need to pick up the ingredients TONIGHT!