Last week I got this parcel from the ultimate good person, Celine over at Have cake will travel, have you checked out her blog? You really should. In the parcel were these little chocolate cookies with a candy cane creamy filling.

While I was gushing about how delicious they were, Molly asked me to try and make a basic sandwich cookie, let's call them No-reos.

I did it, and this recipe makes about 24 little no-reos. They're extremely sweet because the only way I could figure to get the filling right is to chuck buckets of sugar at it. One is enough. Or maybe two.

Or three?

You'll need:
1 1/4 cup plain/all purpose flour
1/2 cup dark cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup vegan margarine
1/4 cup sunflower/canola oil
2 tsp soya milk

and for the filling:
1/3 cup vegan cream cheese (I used the trusty Pure)
at least 1/2 cup of icing sugar, possibly up to 3/4 cup
1 tsp vanilla essence (or mint)

Mix all the dry ingredients together, the flour, cocoa, baking soda & powder, salt and sugar. Then put the margarine in a little bowl and whack it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it, you could do this in a pan but it's slow and the microwave's easier. Add to the mix and stir.

Pour in the oil and stir it again, it'll be crumby and won't stick in a big lump so now add the soya milk and stir it in and it should get a tiny bit less crumby.

Scoop up a small amount and press it together, roll into a ball between your palms then put it onto a lined baking tray (or a silicon baking tray like I did). Press it down slightly so it's a bit flattened.

They spread out quite a bit so don't make them too big. The first couple of batches might end up being tests while you figure out the right temperature for your oven, mine was gas mark 4.5 (360F/185C) for 6 minutes, but ovens vary! They're done when they're still soft, bubbling a tiny bit and are all cracked like this:

They harden as they cool. So take the tray out and leave it for a minute or so, then carefully slide a knife or something underneath them and put them on a board or rack to cool.

Keep going until you've used all your batter, then it's onto the filling!

Put your cream cheese into a bowl and beat it up a bit so it's smooth. Sieve in 1/2 cup of icing sugar and add the vanilla (or mint if you're feeling minty). As you try and work it together it'll be difficult but after a minute or so it'll combine and look like this:

Much too runny. So keep adding icing sugar to the mix, 1/4 cup at a time until it's more like this:
Much better. Now grab two cooled cookies of the same size and flip one over. Put a dollop of the filling in the middle of one cookie.

Pick up the other cookie and press it down gently and evenly so the filling spreads out.

Do all your cookies, then wait a while so the filling can set a bit. Grab a glass of soy/hemp/rice/peanut/whatever milk and get dunking.

ps. I've changed a few things around here, up there is a new 'about me' section, and if you click the 'vegan for a week' button you can read testimonials from all the lovelies who've tried out veganism for a week! Many more testimonials to come, how great is that?


aDeLiNe said...

YummyYummyYummyGotLoveInMyTummy <3

Liz said...

OOH those look killer. Yes-reo's in my mouth. Hahahaha. Shoot. I just realized I still need to email you some of the vegan dishes I think look great on your blog so you can fix me up a meal plan eeeep! ps; I'm also working on your pen pal reply. You're gonna love it {I hope}. <3 xo

Naomi Rose said...

I think you'd like these adeline!

You sure do Liz! no rush though, do it when you're not battling Forever 21. Can't wait for the penpal reply! CANNOT WAIT.

carly said...

should i send you my address? so you can send these my way.
i'm going to make these next week for my last day of school.

veggievixen said...

yumm, delicious!! i heard somewhere that oreos are already vegan? but i feel like that might be a lie. there are newman's which are tasty, but like i always say, homemade is SO much better. and it's fun :)

Francie. said...

helllo. Nice to meet you miss.

I have a fever and am sitting in bed at the moment and am not ready to eat anything.. yet you have made my tummy rumble. never thought that would happen this week.

i am going to try a week of vegan when i get better =]

Naomi Rose said...

Let me know how they turn out Carly!

Veggievixen, I think in the states they might already be vegan but over here they've got whey powder in :(

Francie! oh no! get well soon and send me an email when you're ready <3

Hanako66 said...

you are brilliant!!!

Yasmin Lawsuit said...

This looks so delicious, I can't wait to make em.

Anonymous said...

Naomi, those look good even to my carnivore eyes

Naomi Rose said...

thanks you lovelies and thanks mysterious anonymous commenter...

Artichoke Zine. said...

Oh my word these look amazing!! I think some people will be getting these as Christmas presents!x

Joyful said...

Those look good. I've seen a number of recipes now with vegan cream cheese but I haven't been able to find this item any where.

Naomi Rose said...

Thanks Christina, they'd make GREAT xmas presents!

Oh Penny, that's such a shame, they have it most supermarkets here now, I'd send you some if it wouldn't go all gross on the journey :(

shannonmarie said...

Sandwich cookies are my fave. especially Oreos. Yummy!

molly said...

naomi, thanks for making these (after my shameless request!) -- i can't wait to try them.

which vegan cream cheese do you use and where do you get it in this foggy city?


Naomi Rose said...

You're welcome love! I use Pure, they sell it in the cheese aisle in Waitrose and Tesco!

i-zilla said...

i love cookies, but is it strange that i'm more in love with the bumble bee glass? it's so cute!

Naomi Rose said...

ha, I know, it's my FAVE

I'm Philippa O said...

your blog is absolutely gorgeous! i'm coming back for sure! it's so weird because in australia oreos are vegan (as are skittles) so the idea of making your own is so nifty!

jewnbugg said...

those look SO good!

Sara said...

just found your blog, love it! these cookies look incredible, going on the list.

fitzy said...

I would urge all to make these!!!! I made them and almost died from the yumminess xI needed respiration after they are that good x Thankyou for posting up these great recipes x

Anonymous said...

These are INCREDIBLE. Thank you, thank you, thank you! x

@bestcoquipr said...

There is a debate. The main problem is the sugar. we dont know if the sugar they use is refined, meaning, if it has been bleached with animal bones. However, both the filling and cookie are both flour and oils. But sugar is the main ingredient, meaning rhe most used :S