Welsh cakes!

So after Tuesday's giveaway (!) I got a few emails from some especially thoughtful winners asking where I lived incase it was too far for me to post the goodies to America or Australia or New Zealand. It's most definitely not too far because there's not much I love more than sending packages but just so you know, I'm 24, I'm Welsh and I now live in London.

Speaking of being Welsh, when it gets a bit Autumn-y outside I start craving the food of home, stews and crumbles and pies, and since it's much too far to pop home for dinner, sometimes I try to recreate it here.

Wales is famous for Tom Jones, sheep and ummm...having the longest place name in Britain? Speaking of Tom Jones, I am amazed at how he is sooo attractive to women. If you're a guy and need some tips on attracting women, read this article at http://sonicseduction.net/how-to-attract-women/. Some traditional Welsh food would be difficult to recreate in a vegan friendly way, like cawl which is a lamb stew. Or laverbread which I just don't like.

But welsh cakes! oh welsh cakes. I love them, and until I made them today I had no idea how easy they were! You don't even bake them, they just cook from the heat of a pan, not fried just kind of, heated through.

They're a dense little flat scone, and they've got sultanas in, mmmm I love 'em! So so easy, this recipe makes around 20 of the little beauties.

you'll need:
2 cups/9 oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup/3 1/2 oz vegan margarine
1/2 cup/3 oz caster sugar
1/2 cup/2 oz sultanas/currants
1 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp cinnamon
a little soy milk

Sieve the flour, baking powder, spice and cinnamon into a bowl. Add the margarine and rub together until you've got little crumbies.

Add the sultanas and sugar and stir thoroughly. Now start adding a little soy milk at a time, you want it to be a combined lump, a bit wetter than a dough but not sloppy...

Cut a chunk off and put it onto a floured surface. Flour up your rolling pin and roll that sucker out until it's about 1cm thick.

If you've got a griddle pan, it's perfect for these. If you haven't, a frying pan would do the job too. If it's non-stick, just put it over a low-medium heat and leave it to heat up. If it's not non-stick, put a TINY bit of margarine in, just to lubricate it. The cakes have their own fat so they won't stick and we don't want to fry them, just heat them.

So cut out shapes like you would cookies. The traditional shape is a circle:

but you can do any shape you want! Each cake takes about 2-3 minutes to cook on each side. Once the underneath is browned, flip it over and leave it to cook.

You can keep on adding them to the pan because this is quite a slow process. I don't want to hear any sizzling! If there's a sizzle, turn the heat down.

I made hearts, circles and stars...

and sheep!

how cute are they?!

Once they're done they should be dry and firm, not greasy, and should be golden brown. Sprinkle with a little sugar once they come out of the pan and pile em up! They're traditionally eaten plain but most people spread a little butter or jam over the top.

What's a traditional food for you? <3


Diana said...

Um, Tom Jones? I'm MOVING TO WELSH!

These look like a yummy breakfast, and I love the shapes!

Celine said...

they look super easy and super delicious, a combo I can definitely work and eat with.

Naomi Rose said...

@Diana, do you like him? I always think he's only famous over here!

@Celine, omg SO easy, probably the easiest cake-y thing I've ever made

aDeLiNe said...

Bonne Maman Jam! <3

"I'm 24, I'm Welsh and I now live in London." You forgot to mention you're the cutest! Funny how you made me smile with this sentence, don't know why, such a cute way to sum up I guess.

Those Welsh cakes look delicious, I'm looking forward to October, I won't work as much as I do now and AT LAST I'll get the time to try some of your recipes :)

Naomi Rose said...

Um...I'm afraid it's actually YOU who's the cutest! I've got the opposite problem to you, not enough work! As soon as I've got a proper job I'm not sure how I'll find the time to do all this baking?

Liz said...

Omggg how cute are you. I need to try these ASAP.

The Voracious Vegan said...

Simple and delicious! This looks like a lovely treat.

Naomi Rose said...

@liz not as cute as youuuuuuu!

@the voracious vegan they're honestly so good (but i might be a bit biased seeing as I grew up on them)

Rebecca said...

Mm, these sound so good and they're cute as well! I think I'll definitely have to try them... :)

Meg said...

Hi Naomi,
I just saw a post you left on a vegan Flickr group about needing vegan reviews from all over. I live in Miami, and I would be more than happy to write some reviews for you on some great vegan restaurants around here. Let me know! You can email me back through my blog (I don't want to leave my email directly here).
Hope to hear from you soon!

ana b. said...

Good god I could probably bake these and then stuff my face with them. Is it like a cross btw a date scone and a biscuit? ooooOooOOoOooo.

Naomi Rose said...

yeah that's exactly what they're like! nommerzzz!

Gabbi said...

Sounds and looks delcious... will definitely have to try to make!

Brittany Boersma said...

Thank you so much! I have been looking for a welsh cake recipe for so long that doesn't have nasty fats in it. My family is from Newport, Wales. I have been there to visit before and it's beautiful! My family will be thrilled when I bring these home. Thanks:)

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