chocolate pecan pie. OH YES.

This weekend I got two lovely packages from two of my favourite girls, Marie and Diana!

Nestled right in the middle of all of this gorgeousness was this little beauty from Marie's Canadian honeymoon:

I had to make something with it, preferably something gluttonous of course, and what's more delicious than a gooeychocolateypecanpie?
You have to make this, I only wish I could send a slice or two back to my international package lovelies.

This amount makes enough for two saucer sized pies, double it for a big party sized pie. By the way, girls, this is a very sexy dessert. If you'd like to seduce a man, you know what to do. Boys, if you'd like to seduce women, then go here .

You'll need:

Pastry. I would usually have made the same pastry as I always make, from this strawberry tart recipe but after discovering a vegan ready made version at my local health food place, why would I? If you want to make it from scratch, grab what you need from that recipe link, then come back.

you'll also need:

a cup of pecans (broken up), plus a few for decorating the top
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup agave syrup
1 tbsp smooth peanut or cashew butter
a sprinkle of salt
2/3 cup dark chocolate, either chips or broken up bars
1/2 tbsp arrowroot powder

Roll out your pastry and put it into your pie moulds, then put to one side. Roughly chop the pecans and also shove to one side.

Into a pan put the maple and agave syrup, peanut butter, chocolate and salt. Turn the heat to medium and stir until it's all melty.

Throw in the pecans once the chocolate has melted and stir until they're completely coated.

Pour the gooey mess into your unbaked pastry shells.

Place onto a baking tray and bake at gas mark 3/160C/325F until the pastry is cooked and the top is bubbling slightly. In my oven this took about 30 minutes, I'd suggest checking it every couple of minutes after 25 because it'll burn very quickly because of all the sugar.

When it comes out all hot quickly press the whole pecans into the top so they stick.

By all means, cut yourself a slice and devour it right now, it'll go all over the place and probably burn your mouth but it'll taste amazing.

It tastes even better if you can handle waiting overnight though...


aDeLiNe said...


Mandee said...

I love pecan pie but I haven't had any since before I was vegan, I'm going to try making these!

Naomi Rose said...

haha adeline!

yeah Mandee! let me know if you like it!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

That sounds and looks unbelievably amazing. If I at all could cook, I would make that right now.

Naomi Rose said...

thanks, it all disappeared pretty quickly. If you can roll out pastry and stir some stuff in a saucepan, you can make this! <3

Z said...

Oh my gosh, those pecan pies look amazing! I definitely need to make them soon!
Just a quick question, which type of camera are you using to take your photographs?

Diana said...

delicious! you got some nice packages, too! :D

ana b. said...

*Gahhhhhhh*Diabetic haze*Gaahhhhhh*THUMP*

Naomi Rose said...

I use a Pentax K100D Z!

Thanks my two internet faves D and A!