the basics: minted butterbean spread

I'm going to sometimes put up recipes here that I'm going to call 'the basics'. They're just easy quick things that I find myself making on a regular basis when I'm too rushed to cook a proper meal or when I want an easy breakfast/snack/picnic ingredient. 
This is one of my super basics, it's a replacement for hummus when you haven't got any left in the fridge, or for when you're sick of the taste of hummus, maybe you don't even like hummus? maybe you'll like this? I hope so.

All you need is:
a can of butterbeans
a clove or two of garlic 
a good handful of mint
a squeeze of lemon juice

Open the can of beans and drain, then pour into a bowl. Add the roughly chopped garlic (2 cloves=v garlicky), the mint and the lemon. 

Blend with a handheld blender. Done! This works really well as a sandwich filling with some salad, it works on top of a baked potato, and as a dip for some pitta. 


Diana said...

i'm so glad you posted this! i am always giving myself all this time just to cook! this is great :D

Naomi Rose said...

Can you believe I've got a spoon in the shape of a swan?!

lunchiemunchies said...

Yum yum...just made this with fresh mint from the garden- great summery dip.
I love your site!
It's nice to find a vegan UK blog :)

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Looks good and I like the swan holder in the last photo too :-)